Learn Leadership Concepts

Pulling Together:  What it Takes to Build Group Cohesion

The Secret to Growing Good Tomatoes (and People)

Building Bridges:  How Leaders Grow Loyalty

The Golden Rule, With a Twist

Wading the Mississippi: 6 Surprising Secrets of Success I Learned From Ol’ Man River

Leadership Incubator: The Value of Patience in Leadership

Leading Spaghetti: How to Use Your Noodle to Lead Your Team

How to be Successful:  The 9,051 Step Plan

New Leader Checklist:  4 Question to Ask if You Want to Lead Effectively

On Duty: The Meaning of Leadership in a Risk-Filled World (Guest Post)

3 Leadership Lessons My Dad Taught Me Without Saying a Word

Goal Failure:  Mission (Almost) Accomplished

How to Build Team Culture From the Ground Up

3 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Team’s Culture

Mind the Gap: 8 Ways to Close the trust Gap on Your Team

How to Communicate the Vision: Striking the Right Chord

Flight Lessons:  Preparing Your Leaders for Success

Why You Might be Turning Your Wolves into Sheep (video)

No Car, No Phone, No Clue:  10 Life Lessons from a Treasure Hunt

Signing Your Work: How the Last Details Make a Lasting Difference (Guest Post)

Goal Setting:  Crash Test Dummy Edition

Grandma’s Law:  How to Put the Power of Incentive to Work for You

Leadership Secrets of Buddy the Elf

5 Simple Steps to Lead Successfully

7 Leadership Paradoxes (video)

What Hiking 2,189 Miles Taught Me About Leadership (Guest Post)

Reaching Your Goals:  Thoughts From 14,000 Feet (video)

Burning the Pancakes: 7 Steps to Empowerment

Influencing the Decision: How to Transition from Doer to Decider

Walking with Equanimity: What to do When the Rains Come

Reaching Your Goals:  10 Ways to Help You Climb to the Top

How to Ask the Boss for Feedback: 16 Ways to Get the Input You Need

How to Get Kicked Out of Leadership School: The Spotlight Leader

A Different View of Leadership: Not What You Might Expect

Leading With Authority:  One Way to Steadily Grow Your Influence

Leading With a Blind Eye: Why You Can’t Ignore the Thing You Didn’t Want to See

How to use the EDGE Technique to Lead Your Team – 2 Min tip (Video)

Keys to Mental Toughness: How to Manage Expectation – 2 Min Tip (Video)

Cornerstone of Leadership:  What’s Yours?

How an Orange Soda Changed my World View – 2 Min Tip (Video)

9 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid – 2 Min Tip (Video)

Not “Charisma-Man?”  Can You Still Lead?

Be a Finisher, Not Just a Starter

The Humble Leader Paradox

How to Write an Inspiring Vision Statement (Video)

How to be Humble

9 Ways Constructive Feedback is a Game-Changer

5 Ways to Build Credibility (What to do, Part 2)

What to do When They Know More than You (Part 1)

How to get a Daily Quick Win – 2 Min Tip (Video)

9 Leadership Lessons I Learned from my Dance Instructor

Use This Quick Tip to Focus Your Efforts – 2 Min Tip (Video)

How Serving Can Make You a Better Leader

Skill-Will Based Leadership: How to Match Your Style to the Circumstances

Six Power Sources for Leaders:  Which Ones Do You Have?

Legitimate Power:  What it Is and Is Not

Eight Ways to Use Reward Power that Don’t Require Cash

Coercive Power:  Is the Benefit Worth the Cost?

Expert Power and What to do if you Don’t Have It

5 Great Ways to Get Information Power Working for You

What is Referent Power and How do I Get Some?

How to Make Big Gains with Small Efforts

How to be SMART about Goal Setting

Goals 1:  Setting SMART Goals (Video)

Goals 2:  Three Ways to Make it Happen (Video)

Quantifying Fun – How to Measure the Un-measurable

Positive Feedback – Catch Them Doing Something Right

Building Trust (Video)


Communicate Effectively

Listening Skills for Leaders:  8 Ways to be Sure You Get the Message

Influencing Outcomes:  3 Ways to Get the Ending Your Want

Stage Magic:  3 Ways to Amplify Your Leadership Message

Howling at the Moon: One Way to Handle Criticism

Stop Yourself:  4 Ways to Grow Your Team by Shutting Your Mouth

Leader Isolation:  6 Ways to Conquer Loneliness at the Top

Modeling Success:  3 Ways to Communicate Without Words

From Disaster to Master: Five Presentation Tips to Cut Through the Static

Pose Power: How to Lead Better in Only Two Minutes (Video)

9 Things You are Doing that Really Infuriate the Boss

5 Connections You Need for a Powerful Leadership Network

Managing the Boss:  How to Deliver Bad News – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

After Action Reviews: Is There an Elephant in the Room? – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

How to Give Constructive Feedback (Video)

Avoid the BOGSAT and Make Your Meetings Productive

Are You Contagious?  3 Ways to Manage your Emotional Message

How to Teach using the EDGE Method – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

How to Deliver a Sandwich that Improves Your Team!

20 Email Best Practices for Leaders

Death By PowerPoint:  The Death March

Death By PowerPoint:  The Machine Gun Slide

Death By PowerPoint:  The Shotgun Slide

12 Pretty Good Hooks for Your Next Presentation

Agendas:  Why Should I Care? (Video)



Winning at Chaos:  How to Succeed When it All Falls Apart

Paper Couch – The Benefits of Planning

How to Find Creative Solutions: The Case of the Falling Egg

When the Plan Fails: 5 Things to Do When it All Falls Through

11 Rehearsal Techniques to Keep Your Plan From Getting Torpedoed

The Abilene Paradox:  When Agreement is Bad – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

How to Confirm Your Plan with a Recon – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

How Backwards Planning Can Move You Forward- 2 Minute Tip (Video)

Get it Right with a Pre-Execution Checklist – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

The Leadership Secret of Captain Ahab

The Brilliant Planning Trick Lewis and Clark Used that Nobody Noticed

Brainstorming: How to Break the Idea Logjam

How to Plan the Annual Plan:  Six Steps for Success

How To Plan:  The 6-T Method 

Case Study in Planning:  Getting to Summer Camp

Introduction to Problem Solving (Video)

Problem Solving 1:  The Problem is the Problem (Video)

Problem Solving 2:  So Crazy it Might Just Work (Video)

Problem Solving 3:  Better Decisions Through Pizza (Video)

Problem Solving 4:  How to  Come Up With a Plan (Video)

Problem Solving 5:  That’s Not What I Was Expecting (Video)


Take Action

Creating Unexpected Wins:  Leadership Lessons from “Team Short People” (Guest Post)

How to be Decisive: 9 Ways to Make a Decision You Won’t Regret

Independence Day: 7 Ways to Defuse Conflict and Assert Your Freedom

Why You Should Value the Nonconformist

Disrupting the Routine:  7 Ways to Change for the Good

White Gold: A Story of Persistence

Don’t Fear the Elephants

Play Your Part

Waiting for the Light to Change

Climbing Solo

Spotlight the Support

Who are the Real Stars?

How to Build Team Culture One Test at a Time

Finish What You Start – It Will Set You Apart

5 Essential New Manager Survival Tips

6 Steps You Should Take Immediately as a New Manager

8 Gratitude Practices to Improve your Sleep, Smarts, and Sanity

Leadership Lessons Learned from Lost Luggage

How You Can Use Accountability to Achieve Your Goals

The Stink Test: Why Leaders Need to Listen to Their Noses

Leading Your Friends: 9 Ways to Lead Your Former Peers

Building the Team: Why You Don’t Need New Shoes

Commitment:  Turning Promise into Reality

How Not to Quit:  8 Tips to Help You Persevere and Succeed at Anything

Snake Bit: A Case Study in Making Haste Slowly

Joining the Team: What the New Guy Won’t Tell You – 2 Min Tip (Video)

Understanding the Team Development Model (Infographic)

How to Respond to Crisis:  4 Steps for Leaders

How to Delegate on the Fly – 2 Min Tip (Video)

How to Train the New Guy – 2 Min Tip (Video)

How to Keep Your Leadership in Style:  Do the Hustle!

Focus:  Feel Sorry on Your Own Time

4 Ways to Get a Leader’s Perspective – 2 Min Tip (Video)

7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence as a New Leader

How to Focus the Team and Know Where to Be – 2 Min Tip (Video)

A Simple Way to Organize and Delegate – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

12 Accountability Hacks:  Why You Should Check the Troops

3 Things You Should Know About Rewards – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

Motivate Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

How to Take Control – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

Getting Down in the Trenches:  Tips for Taking Over

How to Learn From Every Event:  Stop, Start, Continue – 2 Minute Tip (Video)

How to do Team Building the Fun Way

Taking Control by Giving

Taking Charge 1:  Gain Position (Video)

Taking Charge 2:  Identify Roles (Video)

Taking Charge 3:  Communicate (Video)

Taking Charge 4:  Set the Vision (Video)

Taking Charge 5:  Get a Quick Win (Video)

How to Delegate 1:  Why? (Video)

How to Delegate 2:  What to Hand Off (Video)

How to Delegate 3:  Who, How? (Video)

Surviving a Leadership Vacuum

Motivating with a Kitchen Utensil:  The Golden Spatula



Book Notes: Blue Ocean Strategy – How Leaders Drive Change

Book Notes: Wooden on Leadership – Think Small

Book Notes:  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

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Book Notes: Bunker Hill – Right Vision, Wrong Goal

Great Reads in Leadership, Fall 2016

Book Notes:  Sea of Glory – The 7 Habits of the Highly Insecure Leader

Book Notes:  “Chains” of Command in Jamestown

Book Notes:  The Right Kind of Crazy

Book Notes:  Natural Born Heroes

Book Notes:  Better Than Before

Book Notes:  The ONE Thing

Book Notes:  The Slow Fix

Book Notes:  Good to Great

Book Notes: Drive

Book Notes:  Quiet

Book Notes:  Start With Why

Book Notes:  Lean In –  Women, Work, and the Will to Lead

Book Notes:  The Ice Master:  The Doomed 1913 Voyage of the Karluk

Book Notes:  How to Win Friends & Influence People

Book Notes:  Leaders Eat Last

Book Notes:  The One Minute Manager

Book Notes:  The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Book Notes:  The Killer Angels

Book Notes:  Alvin York – A New Biography of the Hero of the Argonne

Book Notes:  The Journals of Lewis and Clark

Book Notes:  South – The Endurance Expedition

Movie Recommendations

Book Notes:  Turn the Ship Around!