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New Manager Survival Tips

5 Essential New Manager Survival Tips

Your first days as the new leader of a team can be a challenge – new faces, new places, the fire hose is on and you are definitely drinking in as much as you possibly can. And even as all this is happening, you are anxious to make a good impression, build your team, and start getting stuff done. To relieve some of that pressure, and to help you get off to a strong start with your team, here are five new manager survival tips you can put into practice today ...
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Communicate the Vision

How to Communicate the Vision: Striking the Right Chord

Last week we talked about the importance of seeking to understand your leadership environment before you start trying to lead. And if you were taking good notes and paying attention to the people you talked with, you should have a pretty good idea of the direction you want to take your team. Now the question becomes, how do you get them there? The way you communicate the vision to to your team can make or break their ability to actually achieve it. Read on for an example of what I'm talking about, and three things to be sure to include ...
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Six Steps for the New Manager

6 Steps You Should Take Immediately as a New Manager

They made you a new manager. Now what? Whatever you did to become a new manager is probably not enough to help you be successful there. Leading well is a skill set of its own. To help you make the adjustment successfully, it helps to have a plan. In this post I’ll give you six things to focus on in your first week as a new manager so you can get started on the right foot ...
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Flight Lessons

Flight Lessons: Preparing Your Leaders for Success

Are you giving your teammates flight lessons? As leaders, the best indicator of our success is the success of those we are responsible for. Whether it is a child, a teammate, or co-worker, when you invest time and energy in preparing them to succeed on their own, you are fulfilling one of the highest callings of leadership. Think of it as flight lessons for future leaders ...
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Are You Turning Your Wolves into Sheep

Why You Might be Turning Your Wolves into Sheep

Are you teaching your people to be sheep or wolves? Many of us are spending too much time corralling our co-workers instead of pointing them in the direction we want them to go. Today we’ll take a lesson from nature about positive reinforcement, and give you three tips to help get your pack moving in the right direction ...
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Treasure Hunt Life Lessons

No Car, No Phone, No Clue: 10 Life Lessons from a Treasure Hunt

It was anything but a normal way to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. But despite many unexpected trials, it was also one of the best days we'd had together in a while. Here’s the very unusual way we spent our anniversary, and ten Life Lessons we'll be sure to keep mind for the next 25 years (and beyond!) ...
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Signing Your Work why the last details make a lasting difference

Signing Your Work: How the Last Details Make a Lasting Difference

He and his crew labored for months high in the Colorado Rockies last summer. They hiked through snow and dodged rattlesnakes in the desert while working with the Southwest Conservation Corps to preserve America's wildest places. I asked him what he had learned about teamwork and leadership from that experience. What he shared with me about signing your work was practical, meaningful, and a valuable reminder about what it means to do a job right ...
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Goal Setting Crash Test

Goal Setting: Crash Test Dummy Edition

With the turn of the New Year come new resolutions. But too often these goals fall by the wayside before the snow has had a chance to melt. With all the writing I’ve been doing recently on goals, I thought it might be fun to put my money where my mouth is, set a New Year’s goal of my own in a public way, and see if I can stick to it. In this post, I’ll offer myself up as a goal setting crash test dummy. I'll set a big goal, build a support framework around it, and then see ...
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Grandma's Law

Grandma’s Law: How to Put the Power of Incentive to Work for You

There’s a simple law you can apply to your goal setting that will definitely help improve the amount of things you’re able to get done. It’s called Grandma’s Law. Today we’ll talk about how you can put Grandma’s Law to work for you and your team ...
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Leadership Secrets of Buddy the Elf

Leadership Secrets of Buddy the Elf

Spoiler Alert – There’s a happy ending. Even if you haven’t seen the movie “Elf,” you kind of know that’s how things will turn out. And since the movie stars Will Ferrell, you know you can count on plenty to laugh about along the way to that happy ending. But during our annual re-watching of the movie this year, what I didn’t count on was getting a lesson in leadership from a six foot three inch tall munchkin. And how could I not pass on these gifts to you? So for you holiday enjoyment, here are five leadership secrets of ...
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