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Spotlight the Support

Mini-Post: Spotlight the Support

My daughter is a big fan of Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton. She was home on spring break recently, so we took her to see an earlier production of his: In the Heights. Our seats were good, the actors were talented, the lyrics were clever, and at the end the crowd gave the actors a standing ovation. They came on stage one or two at a time and took their bows. But I couldn’t help thinking: Would they have been so successful if the spotlight hadn’t come on in the right place? Would they have sung so well ...
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Build Team Culture

How to Build Team Culture From the Ground Up

Every team will develop its own distinctive culture. A good culture can be positive, supporting, and contribute to greater productivity, employee engagement, and satisfaction. A bad one can have the opposite effect. The thing is, you don’t have to leave it to chance to see which way your team culture will go. If you want to build team culture that will move you in a positive direction, here are over a dozen ways to help you build yours from the ground up ...
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Teams Make Stars

Mini-Post: Who are the Real Stars?

We like to focus on the star – the one person who always seems to get it done. But if we zero in too closely on one star, we lose sight of the other points of light in the sky. The Chicago Bulls put five people on the court, not just Michael Jordan. Somebody has to be there to block the defense, create a gap, pass the ball. Individual stars grouped together do not make great teams. Just look at any all-star team. Egos clash, pride is on the line. It’s all about the individual. And in the fight for ...
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3 Ways to Sabotage Team Culture

3 Ways You Might be Sabotaging Your Team’s Culture on Day 1

Your team’s culture is it’s life-blood, its soul. It’s who you are and how you interact as a group. If it’s a good one, your culture can directly contribute to increased employee engagement, rising productivity and decreased turnover. But if you are not careful, from the very first day someone new joins your team, you have several good opportunities to torpedo the culture you were trying to grow without realizing it. Here are three good ways to sabotage team culture, and some better approaches you could use, just in case that’s not what you were trying to do ...
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Finish What You Start

Mini-Post: Finish What You Start – It Will Set You Apart

Starting something is fun. It’s exciting. Everything is new, the possibilities seem limitless. Potential is everywhere. It takes only a moment to make a promise or set a goal. Delivering is harder. It takes effort. The excitement fades. Everything seems to take longer than it should. Distractions arise. Frustration sets in. The shine comes off the penny. Other things seem more attractive. But it’s the difference between show and substance. Those who achieve, those who advance, those who are truly respected, are the finishers – the ones who not only have the guts to start, but the determination to finish ...
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Closing the Trust Gap

Mind the Gap: 9 Ways to Close the Trust Gap on Your Team

People will only willingly follow you if they trust you, and believe in your destination. But like boarding a train, there comes a moment when they have to step from the platform into the passenger compartment and join you for the ride. Crossing that gap is a leap of faith: It requires trust. Yet a recent study shows that 18-30% of employees had little or no trust in the leaders of their company. And where trust is lacking, employee engagement is sure to be low, too. To cross the gap between the need and the reality, join me for a ...
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Building Team Culture One Step at a Time

How to Build Team Culture One Test at a Time

We all recognize that building team culture is important We know a strong team culture can have a huge positive impact on team effectiveness, employee engagement, and overall productivity. The question is, where does it come from? How do we build it? To me, the short answer is that culture is shaped most powerfully by what happens when things go wrong. I happened to see this first-hand some years ago when I watched a team on the verge of collapse do something that amazed me. More importantly, their actions cemented their team culture even in the face of failure. It's ...
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New Manager Survival Tips

5 Essential New Manager Survival Tips

Your first days as the new leader of a team can be a challenge – new faces, new places, the fire hose is on and you are definitely drinking in as much as you possibly can. And even as all this is happening, you are anxious to make a good impression, build your team, and start getting stuff done. To relieve some of that pressure, and to help you get off to a strong start with your team, here are five new manager survival tips you can put into practice today ...
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Communicate the Vision

How to Communicate the Vision: Striking the Right Chord

Last week we talked about the importance of seeking to understand your leadership environment before you start trying to lead. And if you were taking good notes and paying attention to the people you talked with, you should have a pretty good idea of the direction you want to take your team. Now the question becomes, how do you get them there? The way you communicate the vision to to your team can make or break their ability to actually achieve it. Read on for an example of what I'm talking about, and three things to be sure to include ...
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Six Steps for the New Manager

6 Steps You Should Take Immediately as a New Manager

They made you a new manager. Now what? Whatever you did to become a new manager is probably not enough to help you be successful there. Leading well is a skill set of its own. To help you make the adjustment successfully, it helps to have a plan. In this post I’ll give you six things to focus on in your first week as a new manager so you can get started on the right foot ...
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