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Disrupt the Routine

Disrupting the Routine: 7 Ways to Change for the Good

There are some who will tell you, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I don’t necessarily agree. "Functioning" doesn’t always mean "fully optimized," and without change, we risk falling into a rut, losing perspective, and falling behind. To grow and stay competitive, you have to change. Here’s why it’s important to disrupt the routine once in a while, and seven simple ways that you can stir things up for the good ...
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White Gold - A Story of Persistence

White Gold: A Story of Persistence

With obstacles, frustrations and nay-sayers, how do you find the persistence you need to succeed? It’s one thing to have a great idea or an inspiring vision. Sticking with it until you are successful can be an entirely different matter. In this instant-gratification world, we can all learn a thing or two about persistence from the story of Samuel Platt and an unexpected discovery he made over 150 years ago ...
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On Duty - Leadership in a Risk-Filled World

On Duty: The Meaning of Leadership in a Risk-Filled World

She is a jet pilot, Ph.D., federal agent, and Amazon best-selling author. And she is a leader. L.B. Johnson assumed her duties as a law enforcement agent at about the same time the Twin Towers were falling in New York. In a world often dominated by the male of the species, she was not just on the team; she was in charge. She still is. I asked her if she would be willing to share her perspective on what it means to be a leader and she was quick to say yes. Embedded in the rich prose she shared, I ...
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Don’t Fear the Elephants

Nobody said he was a great mathematician. But he may be the greatest general you never heard of. His actions over 2,000 years ago are a great example of how you can influence your future by the way you react to what's coming at you ...
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Paper Couch

Paper Couch

With our kids out of the house, we are moving from Pennsylvania to be closer to family in the Midwest. One of the many challenges of this move is to make sure we will be able to fit into the new place. We are shrinking from a single-family house to a town home. In the process we’ll lose about 50% of our current square footage. What will fit? What won’t? On move-in day, we don’t want to have to play Tetris with our furniture. I only want to move that heavy sleeper-sofa once – it’s all my back can handle! ...
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3 Leadership Lessons My Dad Taught Me

3 Leadership Lessons My Dad Taught Me Without Saying a Word

His dream was crushed, and then they sent him to Texas to do something he had no interest in doing. Yet to me, he was a success. How he overcame the setback was one of three huge lessons my father taught me about good leadership. Today we’ll share those lessons, which can help all of us become better leaders in our own right ...
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Book Notes - It Worked for Me

Book Notes: It Worked for Me

I hope you have problems. That's a good thing, really. A book I read recently cast a whole new light on what it means to have problems as a leader, and what you should do about them. Today we’ll talk about why having problems can be good, and how you can handle them in a way that will significantly strengthen your ability to influence and lead others ...
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Play Your Part

Play Your Part

Are you giving it your best? I was watching The Tonight Show recently – the opening monologues are often funny, and other parts of the show can be entertaining. The musical guest that night seemed interesting, so I fast forwarded to watch their performance. On stage were the two rappers, some percussionists, a 16-person gospel choir complete with director, and a pianist at a big beautiful grand piano. After watching a while, it was the piano player who caught my attention ...
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Don't Wait for the Green Light

Waiting for the Light to Change

Are you waiting for permission to proceed? Traffic signals organize and coordinate the flow of traffic. They keep things safe and orderly. We wait for the green light to proceed. Organizations have managers and supervisors. They direct the traffic too. Most people wait to be told what to do, then do it. But leaders don’t wait ...
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Modeling Success - Effective Communication without Words

Modeling Success: Three Ways to Communicate Effectively Without Words

Success doesn’t come easy, and the more complex the challenge, the harder it can be to communicate effectively with your team. Sometimes, the more you talk, the more words can get in the way. One way to cut through the noise is modeling success. If you can show them what success looks like, it can help them visualize what they need to do, improve teamwork, and get you a positive result a lot faster. Today we’ll talk about what modeling success looks like, and three ways you can put this modeling idea to good use ...
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