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Refining the Plan: Hamburgers on the Tennis Court?

How do you know if your plan will work? Having a solid plan is one thing; knowing that it will work is something entirely different.  In the transition from idea on paper to success in the real world, refining the plan though testing is probably one of the smartest things

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RapidStart Leadership is designed to help you become a better leader, wherever you are on your leadership journey.

I’ve led everywhere from office jungles to the jungles of Central America. With over 30 years’ experience getting things done through people, my mission now is to share my leadership knowledge to make the learning curve a little less steep for you.

If you want to be a better leader, then welcome!  Explore, connect, and share!

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Ken Downer - Founder of RapidStart Leadership
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Setting a Goal is the Easy Part...

Sticking with your goal until you actually achieve it can be tough. 

This course will show you how.

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