How do I

These are good questions to ask.  Leadership is not an easy business.

This course can help you find answers and show you the way to becoming a respected, influential, and successful leader.

Essential Leadership Skills for the New Manager
Proven practical skills that will make you a success in your new leadership position

Establish Authority

Learn to build influence, establish trust, break from your peer group, and gain early success

Communicate Effectively

Harness non-verbals, connect meaningfully with others, develop a leadership network

Set the Direction

Clarify the vision, set goals that have teeth, plan simply and effectively, delegate with skill and precision

Build the Team

Master 5 levels of motivation, incentivize without needing money, lead well throught the team's life-cycle

What Students are Saying
"Ken presents a dynamic enthusiasm and makes you want to listen and learn."
"Superb content presented in an 'easy-to-understand' manner by an experienced leader."
"Excellent! Looking forward to trying these ideas in real life."
New York
Tons of Features

29  video topics
14 downloadable Guides 
2 Case Studies
4 Exercises and assignments
Mobile and audio course options

Learn Leadership

Build confidence
Establish Trust
Lead a winning team

Accelerate Learning

Proven tactics and tools
Real-world examples
Checklists to guide your actions
Exercises that apply directly to your personal situation



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