RapidStart Leadership Resources PageWelcome to the RapidStart Leadership Resources page, a compilation of tools that will help you climb the leadership learning curve a little bit faster.

It’s important for you to know that some of these items connect to affiliates such as Amazon, which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase through these links at no additional cost to you.  Everything here I have personally seen, read, and used, and believe to be something that will help you become a better leader, just as it has helped me.  

Great Books that Teach and Inspire

Before we lead others, we have to learn to lead ourselves.

The best books I’ve found for building teams, growing influence, and getting things done.

Reading how others have succeeded (or failed) as leaders can inspire and help us lead our own teams better.

What better way to learn about leadership than to see it in action.  These selections represent the best of what’s out there both in terms of seeing good leadership portrayed on the big screen, and in sheer entertainment value.  Enjoy!

Check out this growing collection of on-line leadership courses that are designed to help you accomplish more, build trust and influence with others, and communicate more effectively.

Read weekly leadership posts that cover the spectrum from time management and goal-setting to team building and problem solving.  There’s a new post out every week with practical ideas to help you become a better leader.

If you’d prefer to watch and learn about leadership through video, these can help you do everything from decision making to delegating.  They are short, to the point, and designed to help you lead better today.

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