Keys to Leadership Success in the Virtual World

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Planning and Execution Checklists
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Course Syllabus

Building the Virtual Team

  • Build a Powerful Distributed Culture – 6 Keys to Success
  • Deepen Trust on Your Virtual Team – The 6 C’s
  • Welcome New Teammates – 9 Ways to Bring them on Right
  • Strengthen Your Multi-Cultural Team – 9 Powerful Techniques
  • Make Training a Trust-Multiplier on Your Virtual Team
  • Build Your Team’s Community with a Virtual Breakroom

Virtual Team Leadership Skills

  • Communicate with Clarity – How to Choose the Right Channel
  • Put the Phone to Work – 6 Ways to Make Calls More Effective
  • Conquer Email – 20 Best Practices for Virtual Team Leaders
  • Project Your Leadership Non-Verbally – 8 Ways to Lead Through the Camera Lens
  • Make Introversion a Strength on Your Virtual Team

Leading Virtual Team Meetings

  • Plan Virtual Meetings That Make an Impact
  • Build Meeting Agendas that Spark Engagement
  • Avoid These 11 On-Camera Mistakes
  • Execute Your Virtual Meeting with Expertise
  • Avoid the Pitfalls of Asymmetrical Meetings – 6 Techniques
  • Get Your People Talking with Icebreakers and Teambuilders
  • Break out of the Meeting Rut – 12 Ways to Keep Things Interesting

Bonus Materials

  • Guides, idea sheets, and tools to build engagement
  • Downloadable templates and examples
  • Planning and execution checklists  
  • Communication tool matrix
  • Master audio file to listen on the go
  • 100% Money-back guarantee

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