Slow Burn How to Turn Todays Motivation into Tomorrows Success

All too often our motivation flames out long before we reach the goals we aim for; what we need is a slow burn. Here’s how to light a fire that will last.

The Law of Slow Leaks - Why Important Things Fail and What We Can Do About It

The Law of Slow Leaks explains why things we hold to be important sometimes fail us when we need them, and what we can do about it.

Lines for Leaders - The Scars to Prove It

Alexander the Great led by personal example, and had the scars to prove it. In a speech to his men who were threatening to mutiny, he won them over with this line worth remembering.

Finding Direction - 3 Ways to Blaze a Clear Path Through Lifes Forest

Today’s world can be like an immense overgrown forest; finding direction through it can be a challenge. Here are three ways to blaze a trail through it, and make it one worth following.

Get Curious - How to Overcome Adversity With Two Simple Words

There’s no shortage of ways our plans can run off the rails; one sure way to get them back on track can be summed up in two words: Get Curious. Here’s how it works.

Finding the Flow - Six Things It Helps to Know

Finding the flow can turn a difficult task into a rewarding experience; here are six ways we can help make that happen on our teams.

Making Time - Can We Make More?

Time – there’s never enough of it, and everyone seems to want more; is making time an option? With a change of perspective, I think so.

Culture Course Correction - 11 Ways to Avoid Going Over the Cliff

When attitudes decline and negativity sets in, it may be time for a culture course correction on our teams; here are 11 ways to do just that.

Going the Distance - 7 Secrets for Success in Love and Leadership

When it comes to love or leadership, going the distance means forming relationships that run deep; while my son and his bride backpack to the northern shores of Iceland, I thought I’d share seven ways to help make sure they, and we, stay headed in the right direction.

Lines for Leaders - I Kept Right On

Something General U.S. Grant learned when he was a Colonel can help us all find the strength to lead our teams in challenging times.

Lines for Leaders - Hire 40 Men (1)

Milton Hershey had his share of failures, but he revealed one of the secrets of his success one day when he turned to his foreman and told him, “Hire 40 men.”

Increasing Engagement - How to Get People to Open Up

When it comes to increasing engagement on our teams, sometimes we can be our own worst enemy, as this short story demonstrates; here’s how we can do better.

The Value of the Vision

A little known act during World War II highlights the value of vision for our teams, and why we should treat it like a precious metal.

The 18th Mile - Its Not the Finish Line Leaders Should Focus On

In leadership as in the marathon, it’s not the finish line we need to focus on, but the 18th mile, if we want to reach our goal; here’s why.

Run of the (Tread) Mill - In Praise of the Mundane

Some of the most important tasks in life may not be spectacular or exciting; to help us keep at them anyway, here are six ways to help us find magic in the mundane.

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