RapidStart Leadership is designed to help you become a better leader, because good leaders make the world a better place.


I focus on helping people who are early in their leadership careers, because they have the most direct impact on others, and can develop good life-long leadership habits.


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Meet Ken

Ken Downer is a Colonel of Infantry, a 26-year veteran of the U.S. Army, a 17-year leader within the Scouting program, and family man of nearly three decades.

He has led everywhere from the Jungles of Panama to the office jungles of theater-level staff, and from Demilitarized Zones to desert outposts. 

He’s led, coached, and mentored everyone from a handful of youth taking their first steps as leaders on camping trips, to hundreds of highly-skilled veterans in combat zones.

Through it all he has developed a passion to share what he’s learned about leadership with others.

“The best leaders are always learning and improving. 
My goal is to help.”

More about Ken here.

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