Everyday Winners – How to Build Mental Toughness One Day at a Time

How do you win the daily struggle to get out the door?

Temperatures have been dropping lately.  Now it takes more effort to get out the door for my morning run.

Yesterday I  had to analyze the weather.  Contend with warm clothing decisions.  Wrestle them all on.  Shiver through the first mile until the blood started to flow.

Part of me did not want to fight with the layers of clothing, stumble through the darkness, or brace against the chill.  Wouldn’t it be nicer to stay inside where it’s warm?

We all face struggles like this if we are in the business of trying to accomplish something.  It can be tough to get yourself out the door.

How do you build mental toughness?  How do you get past the struggle?

Build Mental Toughness - Everyday Winners

Change the Focus

Here’s one way:  Don’t focus on the struggle. Focus on the outcome.

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See the challenge for what it is:  an opportunity to build mental toughness, to become a stronger version of yourself.

Focus on what it means when you do the thing you should do:

It means keeping that promise you made to yourself.  Self-respect.

It means fulfilling commitments to others.  Trust.

It means progressing to the next step.  Goal achievement.

It means scoring a win today. Build a string of small successes.

It means you are stronger than the resistance that’s tempting you to stay inside. Mental toughness.

Mental Resistance Training

In fact, think of it as resistance training.  It’s like going to the gym and lifting weights to strengthen your muscles.

This is just resistance training for your mind.

And today, when you overcome that resistance, you build mental toughness.  You become a little bit stronger.

When you do it again tomorrow, that strength increases.

See every day as an opportunity to build mental toughness.

You win each time you step out the door.

So focus on the outcome, not the struggle, bundle up, and get out there!

Lead on.

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