Burning the Pancakes: 7 Steps to Empowerment

“I will let your son burn the pancakes.”

This is what I tell visiting parents who are trying to decide if their boy should join our Scout Troop. What I’m really telling them is that we do our best to empower the boys, and that the process can be messy. Here’s my thinking on that idea, and why you should let your people burn the pancakes from time to time, too….

7 Steps to Empowerment

NOTE:  In July of 2016, Leadership blogger and colleague Gordon Tredgold hosted a competition for the best post on the subject of empowerment.

This post was chosen as the winning entry and is entered as a guest post on his web site at this link:  http://gordontredgold.com/burning-the-pancakes-7-steps-to-empowerment/

I invite you to link to his site to read the post, and find other entries on his site that may help you in your leadership journey.



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