“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

Solving problems and making decisions comes with the territory – it’s our bread and butter.  The posts on this page will make you smart about how you tackle these challenges, from brain-storming techniques, to avoiding “group-think,” to great ways to make decisions that don’t involve flipping a coin.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem Solving and Decision Making



Abilene Paradox

The Abilene Paradox: When Agreement is Bad

Not sure where your team is heading?  Wonder what will be waiting for you when you get there?  Sounds like you might just be on the Bus to Abilene.  Here’s how to recognize if you’re on that Bus and how to get it turned in the right direction.

Introduction to Problem Solving

Explore the five problem solving steps while resolving a crisis in front of the high school!  A brief, lighthearted review of the steps and how they relate to getting the problem solved.      

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