“Leaders don’t create followers.  They create more leaders.”
– Tom Peters

To lead effectively, it helps to have a solid grasp of some fundamental leadership concepts.  Whether it’s establishing core values, understanding fundamental leadership concepts, or learning how best to go about the business of getting things done through people, you should find it here.

Leadership Concepts

Leadership Concepts

The Secret to Growing Good Tomatoes

The Secret to Growing Good Tomatoes (and People)

      Of plants, tomatoes seemed the most human… – John Updike If what John Updike says of tomatoes is true, my neighbor is reminding me of an important lesson about working with people.

Don't Fear the Elephants

Don’t Fear the Elephants

Nobody said he was a great mathematician.  But he may be the greatest general you never heard of.  His actions over 2,000 years ago are a great example of how you can influence your future by the way you react to what’s coming at you.

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