Climbing Solo

Climbing Solo

When I hear of the exploits of amateur climbers who somehow manage to summit Mount Everest, it makes me wonder – how many more times has his guide been to the top?

When I watch amazing footage of wild life experts and extreme sports, I wonder, “If it was hard for the person on screen, how much more challenging was it for the person carrying the camera, positioning for the shot, framing the action?”

For every great accomplishment by someone, there are people helping make it happen.  Often what they did to enable that success is at least as great.

But the climber on Everest knows – he wouldn’t have gotten there without his guide.  The person on screen knows – he wouldn’t be famous without the camera man.

When you help someone else advance, give them candid but positive feedback, help them become better versions of themselves, it makes them better.

And as they echo the good example you set, it makes the people around them better, their teams better, and by extension it makes the community better.

And what person isn’t great who helps make this world a little better place to live in?

That’s what leaders do.

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Besides, if you climb to the top alone, who will be there to take your picture?

Who will you celebrate with?

Who will follow?

Lead on!

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