Leadership Mini-Course:

Leadership Communications Skills

Leadership is influence, and to influence, one must be able to communicate.  This mini-course is loaded with methods and techniques for making us more effective communicators.

We start with non-verbal communication.  Even before we say a word, the way we hold ourselves communicates volumes to our listeners, so we’ll talk about how to use this to our advantage to become more influential.

Then we’ll take a cue from the natural world in how to grab and hold our listener’s attention and give our words more impact.

Finally, who we communicate with is just as important as what we say, so we’ll talk about how to build a leadership network so we can be sure we’re talking with the right people.

Video #1: The Power of Position

How we appear to others has an enormous impact on their perceptions of who we are and what our role is.  In this video we explore several ways of standing and sitting that communicate to others that we are confident leaders.  The surprise benefit of paying attention to this is that acting like a leader can actually help us become better leaders.  Watch the video below.

Key Points:

  • How we stand and sit helps others see us as leaders
  • Taking up space communicates strength and confidence
  • Standing or sitting “small” signals weakness
  • How we stand or sit can influence how we think and feel
  • Standing and acting with confidence will help us feel more confident

Video #2: 5 Ways to Grab and Hold Your Team's Attention

Not only does how we stand and sit impact how others perceive us, the way we move does too.  Learn about the power of gestures and how as leaders we can use them to attract and hold attention, and increase the potency of our words.

Key Points:

  • Movement attracts attention
  • Adding motion to our speech helps hold people’s attention
  • Gestures help add emphasis to the message
  • Stay in the “safe zone” for maximum effect
  • Rehearse key gestures, but keep it natural
  • Let your hands help you make your point

Video #3: 3 People You Must Have in Your Leadership Network

As leaders, we don’t have to have all the answers, but we definitely need to know how to get them.  For that reason and several more, having a leadership network is essential for our success as a leader.  Learn who should be in that network, and use the guide to build a solid network before you need it.

Key Points:

  • New leaders need a new network
  • Peer Leaders – share processes, lessons-learned, key contacts
  • The Customer – knowing their needs will help you meet them
  • Mentors – In-house and external, to share their experience and perspective
  • Ask:  Who are the key players?  Then plan to meet them
  • Build the network BEFORE you need it

Did You Enjoy this Mini-Course?

These videos are part of a much more comprehensive leadership course, Essential Leadership Skills for the New Manager, designed to help anyone who is new to leadership, or who is moving up in the leadership world.  

The five modules of the course take you from preparation and taking charge, through communicating effectively, setting goals, and motivating the team to achieve them.

Check out this video about the course, then get more details and more free lesson samples over at my course host on Udemy.

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