Finish What You Start – It Will Set You Apart

Finish What You Start

Starting something is fun.  It’s exciting.  Everything is new, the possibilities seem limitless.  Potential is everywhere.

It takes only a moment to make a promise or set a goal.

Delivering is harder.  It takes effort.  The excitement fades.  Everything seems to take longer than it should.  Distractions arise.  Frustration sets in.  The shine comes off the penny.  Other things seem more attractive.

But it’s the difference between show and substance.

Those who achieve, those who advance, those who are truly respected, are the finishers – the ones who not only have the guts to start, but the determination to finish.

They stick to their goals, fulfill their promises, complete the tasks they have set out for themselves.

Who would you want on your team – the one who promises or the one who delivers?

Who would you want to follow?

Be a finisher.  Complete the task set before you.  Deliver on the promise.  Finish what you start.  It’s what will set you apart.

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Be the one that gets it done.

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