Welcome FMSC Friends!

I’m honored to serve with you and the FMSC mission to help feed the hungry.  

Besides volunteering with the warehouse team, another way I think I can help in that mission is to share an online leadership course I’ve recently developed. 

The course, Essential Leadership Skills for the New Manager, is designed to help someone transitioning into a new leadership position.  It includes lots of tips and techniques that helped me and other successful leaders I’ve worked with in my 26 year military career, in the Scouting program, and elsewhere.

The course promotional video below explains more.  

To access the course, hit the green button.  It will take you to Udemy, an online learning marketplace where the course is hosted.  The button will also automatically apply the discounted (free) rate.  After signing in, you can begin the course immediately.

Thanks, and I hope you find this helpful to you in some way!

Ken Downer
FMSC Volunteer
Founder, RapidStart Leadership

Essential Leadership Skills for the New Manager
Proven practical skills that will make you a success in your new leadership position

Establish Authority

Learn to build influence, establish trust, break from your peer group, and gain early success

Communicate Effectively

Harness non-verbals, connect meaningfully others, develop a leadership network

Set the Direction

Clarify the vision, set goals that have teeth, plan simply and effectively, delegate with skill and precision

Build the Team

Master 5 levels of motivation, incentivize without needing money, lead well throught the team's life-cycle