How to Keep Your Leadership in Style: Do the Hustle!

Dance class is over, and looking back I realize that our instructor did not do as advertised. When we signed up and paid our fee, it was to learn the basics of the Swing, Cha-cha, Tango, and Foxtrot. These he did in good style. And in the process, he managed to give us a good demonstration of leadership fundamentals, which I posted about a few weeks ago.

But looking back, there was one more thing he snuck in there without our really being aware: The Hustle.

Do the Hustle

No, not the dance. This class was supposed to be Ballroom Dance only, anyway. The Hustle has been out of style since my Chia Pet ran away with my pet rock.

And I don’t mean the slang side of the word, like we saw with people running stings and cons in movies like American Hustle or The Hustler.

I’m talking about the kind of old-school hustle the way it’s described in TheFreeDictionary:

“Hustle:  To move or act energetically and rapidly”

Frank of Hancock Dance is a guy that can afford to take it easy. After serving his country faithfully and ably for over 30 years the hard way, in the Infantry, he deserves a break. I don’t think anyone would find fault with him if he decided to sit in a rocker on the front porch, hound dog at his feet, complaining about the weather and watching the world go by for the rest of his days

But that’s not Frank. Frank’s a leader. What does he do?

He’s running the Junior ROTC program full time at a local high school. He’s racing up and down the boards refereeing basketball games several times a month. And he’s teaching ballroom dance classes – seven classes over the course of five nights at six different locations if I’m counting right.

He’s hustling.

He’s “moving and acting energetically and rapidly.”

Leaders hustle.

Leaders are busy getting resources for the team, focusing energies, diverting distractions, developing talent, coordinating with outside agencies, setting and reinforcing the vision, defining goals, growing more leaders, providing feedback, listing, listening a lot, developing their own skills, learning, communicating, planning…. The list goes on.

As a leader, if you are on your game, you are hustling. Click To Tweet
And when you do it right, it feels good, you get stuff done, and your teammates smile.

Be a leader.

Be like Frank.

Do the Hustle!

It’s a dance that never goes out of style…

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