Reaching Your Goals: Thoughts From 14,000 Feet

Leading yourself is part of being able to lead others.  When you show you are capable of reaching your goals, you demonstrate the potential to help others do the same.

In this short video we look at the similarities between mountain climbing and reaching your goals, and motivate you with a few simple steps you can take to mentally prepare to achieve the goals you set for yourself.  Footage for the video was taken on a 14,000′ peak in central Colorado  Good luck, and enjoy.




It starts with a goal.
Set it high; dream big…
That’s the mountain to climb.

Plan a route…
A way to get there…
With smaller goals along the way.

Then get to work…
Take a step…and another.
Put in the effort every day.

Sometimes you go up…
Sometimes you go down…
But keep moving.

You may have to climb…
Through the forest…
Stumble through the dark…
Navigate through boulder fields.

But keep sight of your goal…
Put in the effort every day…
And you can get there.

And when you reach the summit…
You will see…
How very far you have come…
And the amazing things…
You are capable of.

It starts with a dream…
And the commitment to act…

Reaching Your Goals – The Takeaway

Reaching your goals takes effort and focus, but making them happen is what sets you apart.  Be sure to do these things:

Be clear about the goals you have set for yourself.

Be ready to do something every day to get closer to your goal – it takes commitment.

Expect that there will be rough patches; keep your goal in sight and fight through them.

You can do more than you think you can!

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About the Author: Ken Downer
Ken Downer - Founder RapidStart Leadership

Ken served for 26 years in the Infantry, retiring as a Colonel.  From leading patrols in the Korean DMZ, to parachuting into the jungles of Panama, to commanding a remote outpost on the Iran-Iraq border, he has learned a lot about leadership, and has a passion for sharing that knowledge with others.  Look for his weekly posts, check out his online courses, subscribe below, or simply connect, he loves to talk about this stuff.

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