Who are the Real Stars?

Teams Make Stars

We like to focus on the star – the one person who always seems to get it done.

But if we zero in too closely on one star, we lose sight of the other points of light in the sky.

The Chicago Bulls put five people on the court, not just Michael Jordan.

Somebody has to be there to block the defense, create a gap, pass the ball.

Individual stars grouped together do not make great teams.  Just look at any all-star team.  Egos clash, pride is on the line.  It’s all about the individual.

And in the fight for self, they forget they are supposed to be scoring goals for the team.

The best teams focus on the collective result.  And it’s that result which can make them all stars.

If you are the leader, of course you will praise the superstar for their success.  But don’t forget to recognize the other key players that made it possible.

And ask yourself, as you add people to your team, or you lead the ones you already have:  Are you looking for the best players, or the best teammates?

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The real stars are not looking around for someone to pass them the ball.

They are looking at their teammates to see who has the best chance to score.

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