Spotlight the Support

Spotlight the Support

My daughter is a big fan of Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton.  She was home on spring break recently, so we took her to see an earlier production of hisIn the Heights.

Our seats were good, the actors were talented, the lyrics were clever, and at the end the crowd gave the actors a standing ovation.  They came on stage one or two at a time and took their bows.

But I couldn’t help thinking:  Would they have been so successful if the spotlight hadn’t come on in the right place?

Would they have sung so well if the orchestra was out of tune?

Would the story have been as convincing if the set was cheap and flimsy?

The stars get the attention, but in reality, they are only a part of the entire production.

Think about your team.  Are you applauding only the star?

If your intent is to develop teamwork, it’s not enough.

Think about who your supporting crew and cast are.

Take the time to recognize them for their contributions, and for how they make the team a success.

When they feel their efforts are appreciated, you make the whole team stronger.

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And at show time, if you are doing it right, you won’t be concerned about the placement of lights, tuning of the music, quality of the set, or even ability of the actors.

You can lose yourself in the story.

Lead on!

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Ken served for 26 years in the Infantry, retiring as a Colonel.  From leading patrols in the Korean DMZ, to parachuting into the jungles of Panama, to commanding a remote outpost on the Iran-Iraq border, he has learned a lot about leadership, and has a passion for sharing that knowledge with others.  Look for his weekly posts, check out his online courses, subscribe below, or simply connect, he loves to talk about this stuff.

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