Brainstorming: 20 Ways to Make Good Ideas Rain Down

Brainstorming - 20 Ideas to Make The Ideas Rain Down

At some point everyone has a need to come up with a new idea. Whether it’s for a new fund-raiser, or a better process at the job site, or to solve an unexpected problem, brainstorming is one of the best ways to get the job done. In this post we’ll get you ready to run your […]

How to Plan the Annual Plan: Six Steps for Success

How to Plan the Annual Plan: 6 Steps for Success

How do you get 30 very different people to agree on something?  How do you engage all those minds to come up with an annual plan?  It doesn’t need to be as challenging as interpreting the Mayan calendar. Every year our Scout troop meets in August with one objective:  come up with a plan for next […]