How to Ask For Feedback: 16 Ways to Get the Input You Need

How to Ask for Feedback

“How do I ask for feedback from the boss?” A reader posed a great question recently in the feedback section of one of my leadership courses. “I and others like me in our organization rarely hear a few encouraging words or feedback of any type.  How does one approach one’s supervisor about something like this?” We’ve talked […]

How to Give Constructive Feedback

Constructive Feedback

You know, one of the first counseling sessions I received as a leader was also one of the toughest.  I learned that I was falling short of my commander’s expectations in several ways, and it was hurting the team.  When it was over, I ended up thanking my commander and was determined to get better. […]

How to use the Sandwich Method to Make Constructive Feedback Palatable

The Sandwich Method

There’s no such thing as perfection when you are dealing with people.  Inevitably, something will go wrong.  After all, we’re only human.   As mistakes and errors happen, good teams get better by talking about what occurred and finding ways to improve. But calling someone out for an error can be as hard to do as […]