Leading Spaghetti – How to Use Your Noodle to Lead Your Team

Leading Spaghetti

“If you’re a leader, you don’t push wet spaghetti, you pull it.” – Bill Mauldin Bill Mauldin was a famous cartoonist for Stars and Stripes, the newspaper widely read by American GIs during World War II. It’s easy to get his metaphor about leading spaghetti, and it makes sense, sort of.  But since Bill was […]

Cornerstone of Leadership: What’s Yours?

Cornerstone of Leadership

The location, orientation, and strength of a building are determined by its cornerstone.  And just as a building needs that firm foundation to be strong, any organization also needs a basis of strength and purpose that orients and guides its actions.  These things come from its leaders.   These are its cornerstone.  The question is, as […]