Visualization Techniques: 5 Simple Ways We Can Influence the Future

Visualization Techniques 5 Simple Ways We Can Influence the Future

Can visualization techniques help us see into the future? I think they can. Better, I think they can help us shape that future the way we want it to turn out.  Done well, visualization techniques are a great tool for simulating future experiences before they happen so we can influence the outcomes.  Here’s one way they helped me just last week, and several ways they can help you.

How to Respond to Crisis: Four Steps for Leaders

Respond to Crisis

As a leader you will have to respond to crisis.  The plan will get off track, a key person will not show up, the weather will change, key assumptions will be proven wrong.  It’s inevitable.  How you respond will determine whether you overcome the crisis, or become a victim of it. Today we’ll talk about four […]