Master the Habit Cycle and Achieve Your Goals

Master the Habit Cycle and Achieve Your Goals

What if you could turn making good choices into a habit? It’s easy to set a goal.  It’s much harder to actually achieve it.  Part of the problem is that to make progress, every day you have to choose to put in the effort.  If you don’t make that choice, failure is just around the […]

Book Notes: Better Than Before

Better Than Before - Gretchen Rubin

I am a triathlete in remission.  After scores of races since 1999, and thousands of hours of training, there are no races on my calendar this year.  None last year, either.  And yet, three times a week, at 4:45 AM the alarm goes off, I get up, drive to the local YMCA and swim back […]

How to Get a Daily Quick Win – 2 Minute Tip

One of the things I like to do is get my day started on a positive note with a quick win first thing in the morning.  You can pick any activity you like, so long as it is something you can control and you have a reasonably good chance of succeeding at.  Getting in a […]