Lines for Leaders: 100 Horses

Lines for Leaders - 100 Horses

One night during the Civil War, Lincoln received some bad news; how he reacted to it speaks volumes about his approach to leadership, and sets an example we’d all be wise to follow.

How to Tell if You Are Sinking or Swimming as a Leader

How to Tell if You are Sinking or Swimming as a Leader

How can 80% of people believe themselves to be above average leaders? One of the many challenges of being a leader is knowing how well we are doing.  Are we sinking or swimming? It can be hard to really know, and yet knowing is the key to becoming better at it. As I was surprised […]

Book Notes: It Worked for Me

Book Notes - It Worked for Me

I hope you have problems. That’s a good thing, really.  A book I read recently cast a whole new light on what it means to have problems as a leader, and what you should do about them. Today we’ll talk about why having problems can be good, and how you can handle them in a […]