Anatomy of a Fall

Anatomy of a Fall

Saturday.  A mountainous trail half-marathon.  Mile 11.5.  Rocky down-slope. My legs are tired.  They feel like clumsy chunks of solid rubber with hamburger for feet. The left foot finds an unseen rock, and stops short.  Then the right foot joins the mutiny. Suddenly anchored, everything rotates earthward.  Not in slow motion, either – it happens […]

Leadership Lessons Learned from Lost Luggage

lost luggage leadership

Sometimes the simplest of actions can have far-reaching impact.  When the unexpected happened during our fall camp out, one Scout was left without the clothing he needed to keep warm.  But with the help of friends and the kind act of a stranger, not only did he make it through the weekend, we all learned […]

What Hiking 2,189 Miles Taught Me About Leadership

Appalachian Trail Leadership

What can you learn about leadership from hiking for six months straight, covering thousands of miles, and carrying everything you own stuffed into a bag on your back? Plenty, it turns out. Recently I asked successful long-distance backpacker Greg Ward if he would be willing to share some of his Appalachian Trail leadership lessons with us.  His […]

2 Minute Tip: How to Learn from Every Event – Stop, Start, Continue!

Stop, Start, Continue

If you rush blindly from one event to the next, you miss out on the opportunity to learn and improve.  After a major event, what good leaders and teams do is take a moment to think about what just happened and how they can make things go even better the next time.  Today I’m going […]