Getting Them to Listen: How to Get People to Hear What You are Saying

Why should anyone listen to you? If you’re trying to lead people, one of the first challenges you face might be just getting them to listen.  This can be doubly challenging if you happen to be newer to the team or younger than the others. When it comes to getting people’s attention, there’s one thing […]

How to Tell if You Are Sinking or Swimming as a Leader

How to Tell if You are Sinking or Swimming as a Leader

How can 80% of people believe themselves to be above average leaders? One of the many challenges of being a leader is knowing how well we are doing.  Are we sinking or swimming? It can be hard to really know, and yet knowing is the key to becoming better at it. As I was surprised […]

Listening Skills for Leaders: 8 Ways to be Sure You Get the Message

Listening Skills for Leaders - 8 Ways to be Sure you Get the Message

Have you ever been in a situation where you had something to say, but people didn’t seem to be listening?  How did that make you feel?  I’m guessing your response would not include words like  “understood,” or “respected.” Listening skills are are often overlooked in leaders and yet are so essential to our ability to […]