Optimization: Surprising Lessons in Efficiency from the Ant World

Optimization - Surprising Lessons in Efficiency From the Ant World

“How can you optimize a system that’s error-prone?” As humans, we are fallable.  In our efforts to achieve, produce, and progress, we make mistakes, we misjudge, we stumble. Any enterprise that involves humans will, by definition, be imperfect.  But is that really such a bad thing?  When it comes to optimization and effiency, there are […]

Visionary Leadership: When Social Proof Fails

Visionary Leadership - When Social Proof Fails

What is visionary leadership? In 1921, an explorer and naturalist named William Beebe was trekking through the jungle in Guyana.  He came across a large colony of ants marching along a path that they had made. Curious, he followed the little ant highway to see where they were going. After a quarter mile of climbing […]