The Golden Rule, With a Twist

The Golden Rule with a Twist

No written word nor spoken plea, Can teach your team what they should be, Nor all the books on all the shelves, It’s what the leader is himself. – from Wooden on Leadership The most powerful form of leading is personal example. It’s a simple idea. Be the way you want others to be. Do […]

Modeling Success: Three Ways to Communicate Effectively Without Words

Modeling Success - Effective Communication without Words

Success doesn’t come easy, and the more complex the challenge, the harder it can be to communicate effectively with your team.  Sometimes, the more you talk, the more words can get in the way.  One way to cut through the noise is modeling success. If you can show them what success looks like, it can help […]

Flight Lessons: Preparing Your Leaders for Success

Flight Lessons

Are you giving your teammates flight lessons? As leaders, the best indicator of our success is the success of those we are responsible for.  Whether it is a child, a teammate, or co-worker, when you invest time and energy in preparing them to succeed on their own, you are fulfilling one of the highest callings of […]