The Simple Secret to the Best PowerPoint Presentation I Ever Saw

Presentation Secret

It was the best PowerPoint presentation I had ever seen.  It happened over 10 years ago, but even now I can remember specifics.  What made it so memorable?  So effective?  In this post, I’ll tell you the simple presentation secret, and how you can use it to add power to your presentations.

Death By PowerPoint: The Machine Gun Slide

Death by powerpoint - the Machine Gun Slide

Death by PowerPoint can take many forms.  The smart people at Microsoft have done a great job of adding infinite ways to make things on your slides bounce, jiggle, fly, sparkle, and make an astonishing variety of noises.  You can even customize!  But in the hands of an irresponsible presenter, there is the potential to […]

Death By PowerPoint: The Shotgun Slide

The Shotgun Slide - Death by PowerPoint

I’ve survived many life threatening encounters with PowerPoint.  In the early days you might have even charged me for irresponsible use of this powerful but dangerous tool.  I apologize now for any damage I may have caused.  To atone for my sins, I hope to pass on helpful tips to you for your next presentation. […]