Lines for Leaders: What do You Think?

Lines for Leaders - What Do You Think

To lead effectively we need to be able to think clearly; here’s what one highly accomplished author said about how she learned to think with clarity.

Planning to Be Lucky: Are We Betting on the Wrong Thing?

Planning to be Lucky

Can we really plan to be lucky? He said, “Luck is the residue of design.”  Who was it, and what did he mean?  And more importantly, how can we put his idea to work so that the lucky breaks come when we roll the dice?  All that and more in this edition of Lines for […]

Team Leadership: 4 Simple Steps to Getting Stuff Done

“Can Team Leadership really be boiled down into four steps?” Leaders are always busy, and whatever we are involved with, things only seem to grow more complicated over time.  As complexity grows, it can help to view our roles as leaders in the simplest terms possible. What should we be doing right now?  What should […]

15 Pretty Good Virtual Team Building Ideas

What kind of virtual team building can I do with my distributed team? We all know that teamwork is critical to getting things done through people.  Building cohesive teams is already a challenge when everybody is face to face.  But developing trust, communicating well, collaborating readily, and problem-solving effectively become all the more difficult when […]

Problem Solving Steps: 3 Steps to Take Before You Take Any Steps

Problem Solving Steps - 3 Steps to Take Before You Take Any Steps

Is the first problem solving step really ‘Identify the Problem?’ If you’ve ever watched someone who is tired or emotional struggling to solve a problem, you know that somebody forgot a step in the problem solving process. People can get so wrapped up in the problem of having a problem that they can’t think straight, […]

Sharpen Your Thinking: 25 Ways to Hone Your Thinking Skills

Sharpen Your Thinking - 25 Ways to Hone Your Thinking Skills

Leaders should be independant thinkers. Whether you are trying to develop a vision statement, solve a problem at work, or influence the team, leaders have to think about where they are going and how they are going to get there. The good news is that thinking is a skill, and it’s one that we can […]

Creating Unexpected Wins: Leadership Lessons from “Team Short People”

Creating Unexpected Wins: Leadership Lessons from "Team Short People"

[Guest Post*]   Everyone loves an underdog story, but much of the time, we only perceive the underdogs as such because we are overlooking the strengths that really matter. In the story of David and Goliath, the fact is, much of David’s unexpected win boils down to the fact that his sling was more powerful […]

Why You Should Value the Nonconformist


I’m not paying you to agree with me.  I’m paying you to think. That’s Colin Powell’s approach to leadership. When it’s time for planning and problem-solving, the best leaders aren’t looking for unity and agreement. They want the opposite. They want dialogue, a clash of ideas.  It’s not the time to get comfortable.  It’s the […]

The Stink Test: Why Leaders Need to Listen to Their Noses

The Stink Test

During a long trek deep in the woods, we were faced with a mini-crisis that could have ruined the trip.  But by applying the “Stink Test” we averted disaster and finished the hike as intended.  Here’s what the “Stink Test” is, and how you can use it to make smart decisions as a leader.

9 Things You are Doing that Really Infuriate the Boss

infuriate the boss

Wondering what it is you did to infuriate the boss? The boss just always seems to be mad at you.  You’re trying to lead your team the best you can, but every time you turn around he’s in your face about something. You might be thinking, “What’s his problem?” But it might be something you are […]