Lines for Leaders: The Office

Lines for Leaders - The Office

Something funny that Micheal Scott said in the mocumentary The Office can help us become better leaders in real life.

The Golden Rule, With a Twist

The Golden Rule with a Twist

No written word nor spoken plea, Can teach your team what they should be, Nor all the books on all the shelves, It’s what the leader is himself. – from Wooden on Leadership The most powerful form of leading is personal example. It’s a simple idea. Be the way you want others to be. Do […]

5 Ways to Build Credibility

Leadership is challenging enough when you know what you are doing.  But when your teammates happen to have more knowledge or experience than you do, it can get a little tricky, especially in the early days. It’s OK, though – it turns out that there are lots of ways to address this situation quickly and […]