SMART Goals: How to be SMART about Goal-Setting

“What’s so smart about SMART Goals?” Would you play a football game without any end zones?  I’m not even sure what the field would look like…round?  Where would you line up?  Where would you try to go?    Like the endzones in a game of football, good goals give structure to what you are doing […]

How to set SMART Goals

smart goals

This video introduces the acronym SMART as a tool to help you take your vision or idea and turn it into a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Taking the time to establish clear goals is the critical first step in making them become real. By using SMART Goals you can be […]

Delegation, Part 3: Who, How to Delegate?

How to Delegate

Now that you see the true value of delegating well, and have a handle on the kinds of tasks that are best to delegate, we get down to the business of choosing someone to delegate to, and the process of how to delegate the task in a way that is structured, thorough, developmental, and practical. […]