5 Simple Steps to Lead Successfully

5 Simple Steps to Lead Successfully

On a chilly Sunday evening recently I watched a young man take his first successful steps as a leader.  It reminded me that leadership doesn’t need to be complicated or hard.  And if you follow the same five simple steps to lead that he did, your chances of success are pretty good, too. Here’s what […]

Great Reads in Leadership for Fall 2016

Great Reads in Leadership

Abraham Lincoln once said that if he had six hours to chop down a tree, he would spend the first four sharpening his ax.  More recently, personal development expert Stephen Covey has said that “sharpening your saw” is a critical part of becoming better at your craft. One of the best ways you can continue […]

Book Notes: Start With Why

Start With Why - Simon Sinek

How is it that that Toyota and Honda were able to expand into the luxury car market successfully, but Volkswagen was not?  Why is Apple able to remain so innovative in so many different areas of the market for so long? We can answer these questions and many like them with a one-word question of […]