Transformational Leadership: 5 Steps to a Brighter Future with Your Team

Transformational Leadership

He found a creative way to complain about a relationship gone bad, but the words of his song reveal the difference between merely managing people and truly leading them. What did he say?   Today I’ll share his thought-provoking quote and how it can inspire us to become transformative leaders in this edition of “Lines for […]

The Dangers of Taking the Easy Way

Taking the Easy Way

“What’s wrong with taking the easy way?” Sometimes the answer to our problem seems easy.  But the easy solution may not always be the right one.  Today in “Lines for Leaders” I’ll share what one famous person said about the dangers of taking the “easy way,” along with some thoughts about how we can make […]

The Eraser Test: How to Know When It’s Time for a Change

The Eraser Test - How to Know When Its Time for a Change

How do we know when to change the plan? A casual remark by a friend last week got me thinking about the idea of flexibility and change.  As leaders, we choose the objectives and set the course.  But once we’re underway, how do we know if we should keep on keeping on, or if we […]

Change the Game: 7 Ways to Build Teammates Who Can Do More

Change the Game - 7 Ways to Build Teammates Who Can Do More

How do we increase the odds of “winning” with the team we have? At the beginning of any game, everyone starts with the same number of players on the board.  And in the rush to get things done, we focus on moving those players around the best we can.  If we’re good, we might win. […]

Team Leadership: 4 Simple Steps to Getting Stuff Done

“Can Team Leadership really be boiled down into four steps?” Leaders are always busy, and whatever we are involved with, things only seem to grow more complicated over time.  As complexity grows, it can help to view our roles as leaders in the simplest terms possible. What should we be doing right now?  What should […]

Leading Experienced People: How to Overcome 3 Dilemmas That Make it Hard

What is it about leading experienced people that makes it so challenging? They know more than we do.  They have been there longer.  They already have their ways of doing things. Then we walk in and we’re expected to tell them what to do, and when to do it.  We want to produce results sooner […]

Who’s in Your Canoe? 5 Things to Consider When Building a New Team

I’m building a new team; who should be on it? Often we just inherit the teams we lead, but occasionally we have the opportunity to build a new team from scratch.  How do you know who to pick?    Here are five action steps you can take when building a new team that will give […]

Pulling Together: What it Takes to Build Group Cohesion

Pulling Together: What it Takes to Build Group Cohesion

When you all pull together, it pulls you all together. What happens if you have two groups of people who don’t like working together?  How do you get them to function as one?  In a strange experiment over 60 years ago that evokes images of Lord of the Flies, a researcher discovered one very effective […]

3 Ways You Might be Sabotaging Your Team’s Culture on Day 1

3 Ways to Sabotage Team Culture

Your team’s culture is it’s life-blood, its soul.  It’s who you are and how you interact as a group.  If it’s a good one, your culture can directly contribute to increased employee engagement, rising productivity and decreased turnover. But if you are not careful, from the very first day someone new joins your team, you […]