Is Your Team Due for a Spring Cleaning?

Team Spring Cleaning

There’s something about “new.”  Somehow the idea of new gives energy, enthusiasm, focus.  Yet so often we find ourselves stuck in “old.”  Same job, same house, same routine. Just as winter transitions to spring and the world outside renews itself, maybe it’s time to look at your leadership and your team and take a moment […]

9 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

Leadership Mistakes

In a recent online poll, about 1,000 U.S. workers were asked what their biggest complaints were about their leaders.  Today we’ll talk about the top nine of these complaints, how they are connected, and what you can do to avoid being one of the leaders they are complaining about.

How to Delegate on the Fly

Delegate on the Fly

To get the job done as a leader, you have to delegate.  There’s no other way around it.  Often, we are in a big hurry too.  But if you are moving too fast, you are liable to forget something important.  Today I’ll give you a simple tool you can use so that when you delegate […]

How to do Team Building the Fun Way

Team Building Fun

Trying to get off the ground with a new team?  Looking for a way to get some bonding going sooner rather than later?  Want to make it fun?  Developing a sense of team within your group is critical to do early on. If you dive right into a project without building the team, you may […]