Lines for Leaders: Hire 40 Men

Lines for Leaders - Hire 40 Men (1)

Milton Hershey had his share of failures, but he revealed one of the secrets of his success one day when he turned to his foreman and told him, “Hire 40 men.”

Bad vs. Good: Why Does the Bad Seem to Outweigh the Good?

Bad vs Good: Why Does the Bad Seem to Outweight the Good?

“When it comes to Bad vs. Good, why do bad things get all the attention?” There’s a struggle between good and bad and it’s happening on our teams. The bad news?  The “bad” is far more powerful than the “good.”  The good news?  As leaders, we can use the power of bad for good. Here’s […]

Micromanagement: 7 Signs You’re a Micromanager and What to Do About It

Micromanagement: 7 Signs You are a Micromanager and What to Do About It

Could you be guilty of micromanagement? The micromanager has been called the bully of the business world, and micromanagement is responsible for killing motivation, eroding trust, and leading to waste and inefficiency. Yet the last person to recognize that they are a micromanager is the micromanager themselves. Could you be one of them and not […]

Demotivation: 7 Ways You Might Be Killing Your Team’s Spirit

Demotivation - 7 Ways You Might Be Killing Your Team's Spirit

Could your efforts to lead actually lead to demotivation? A team’s spirit means everything when it comes to productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.  But sometimes, despite our best intentions, the way we lead can become a source of demotivation. Here are seven things you might be doing that deplete your team’s morale, and what you can […]

Leading Virtual Teams: 12 Powerful Ways to Lead a Team You Can’t See

Leading Virtual Teams - 12 Powerful Ways to Lead a Team You Can't See

How do you lead a team that’s not there? It’s hard enough to be a good leader when your teammates are in the same room.  But what about when they aren’t even in the same time zone? When you can’t look someone directly in the eye, things get much more challenging.  Yet leading virtual teams […]

9 Leadership Mistakes to Avoid

Leadership Mistakes

In a recent online poll, about 1,000 U.S. workers were asked what their biggest complaints were about their leaders.  Today we’ll talk about the top nine of these complaints, how they are connected, and what you can do to avoid being one of the leaders they are complaining about.