Transformational Leadership: 5 Steps to a Brighter Future with Your Team

Transformational Leadership

He found a creative way to complain about a relationship gone bad, but the words of his song reveal the difference between merely managing people and truly leading them. What did he say?   Today I’ll share his thought-provoking quote and how it can inspire us to become transformative leaders in this edition of “Lines for […]

The Eraser Test: How to Know When It’s Time for a Change

The Eraser Test - How to Know When Its Time for a Change

How do we know when to change the plan? A casual remark by a friend last week got me thinking about the idea of flexibility and change.  As leaders, we choose the objectives and set the course.  But once we’re underway, how do we know if we should keep on keeping on, or if we […]

Reintroducing Quibbling: The Kryptonite of Leadership

Reintroducing Quibbling - The Kryptonite of Leadership

What is quibbling and why does it matter to leaders? Do you remember watching Superman, and seeing what happens to him when he comes in contact with Kryptonite?  How weak and ineffective he becomes? I think that there’s something just as powerful that we are all exposed to every day, and it can have a similar […]

How to Build Influence: Go From Gofer to Go-To with These 3 Simple Steps

“How do you build influence if you are the low person on the totem pole?” We all have to start somewhere, and usually that somewhere is at the bottom of the heap.  So how is it that some people seem to climb higher faster than others?  It really comes down to doing three simple things […]

Leading Experienced People: How to Overcome 3 Dilemmas That Make it Hard

What is it about leading experienced people that makes it so challenging? They know more than we do.  They have been there longer.  They already have their ways of doing things. Then we walk in and we’re expected to tell them what to do, and when to do it.  We want to produce results sooner […]

Micromanagement: 7 Signs You’re a Micromanager and What to Do About It

Micromanagement: 7 Signs You are a Micromanager and What to Do About It

Could you be guilty of micromanagement? The micromanager has been called the bully of the business world, and micromanagement is responsible for killing motivation, eroding trust, and leading to waste and inefficiency. Yet the last person to recognize that they are a micromanager is the micromanager themselves. Could you be one of them and not […]

How to Tell if You Are Sinking or Swimming as a Leader

How to Tell if You are Sinking or Swimming as a Leader

How can 80% of people believe themselves to be above average leaders? One of the many challenges of being a leader is knowing how well we are doing.  Are we sinking or swimming? It can be hard to really know, and yet knowing is the key to becoming better at it. As I was surprised […]