Lines for Leaders: Texas Track Coach

Lines for Leaders - Texas Track Coach

John Wooden* tells the story of a track coach in Texas who always strove to keep his instructions to his runners as clear and succinct as possible. 

One time at the starting line, he gave his runner this sage guidance:

“Stay to your left, and get back here as fast as you can.” – anon Texas track coach Click To Tweet

He doesn’t share the outcome of the race, but it is clear his runner knew exactly what to do.

The world is complex enough as it is.  The best leaders are able to think through all that complexity and produce a simple, clear thought or idea that their teammates can act on.

Whether it’s vision, leadership philosophy, team values, or even the way we delegate – if it’s difficult to explain or hard to memorize, our job is not finished.


Lead On!

* The Essential Wooden:  A Lifetime of Lessons on Leaders and Leadership (affiliate link)

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