How to Write an Inspiring Vision Statement

Vision Statement

A vision statement is supposed to be like the North Star, serving as a light that guides your organization into the future.  Today we’re going to talk about how you can put together a great vision statement that unifies and inspires your team, and helps you achieve the future that you dream of.

4 Ways to Get a Leader’s Perspective

Leader Perspective

You know, I was hiking this beautiful fall day, and it got me thinking.  The trails here in Pennsylvania are rocky, you really have to watch where you put your feet or you could twist an ankle.  The problem is that if your head is always down watching your feet, you miss a lot of […]

9 Leadership Lessons I Learned from my Dance Instructor

9 Leadership Lessons I learned from my Dance Instructor

I guess you can learn about leadership just about anywhere if you happen to be looking for it.  Last Thursday evening, I wasn’t even looking and it hit me square in the face. My wife and I had signed up for dance lessons (think basic ballroom stuff – definitely not Dancing with the Stars!).  But as […]

Use this Quick Tip to Focus Your Efforts

Have you ever noticed how with all the stuff around us, we only ever use a small portion of what we have?   Like that smart phone a lot of us carry.  How many aps and features does it have, and how many do we actually use frequently.  Probably a pretty small proportion, I’m guessing.  Same […]

Avoid the BOGSAT and Make Your Meetings Productive


  Have you ever been in a meeting when a tired topic comes up yet again, there’s discussion, then the topic changes, and you get that sinking feeling that at next week’s meeting the same thing will happen? It seems like you never get any closer to resolving the issue.  If so, it is quite […]

Accountability Hacks – 12 Ways to Check the Troops, and Why You Should


Having a goal, a plan, and asking teammates to do things is only the start for you as a leader.  Making sure everyone does his job to make the plan happen is a critical part of leading the team to success.  One word for this idea is Accountability.  Leaders who check and make sure things […]

Know This One Thing Before You Try to Lead – 2 Minute Tip


Leading a team includes accomplishing the mission while also taking care of people.  If your people’s needs aren’t being met, chances are that the mission is going to suffer.  Here’s a simple framework you can keep in mind when working with your people to ensure you are meeting their needs.

SMART Goals: How to be SMART about Goal-Setting

“What’s so smart about SMART Goals?” Would you play a football game without any end zones?  I’m not even sure what the field would look like…round?  Where would you line up?  Where would you try to go?    Like the endzones in a game of football, good goals give structure to what you are doing […]

Positive Feedback – Catch them Doing Something Right

Positive Feedback

Giving feedback to your people is critical to getting the job done, but a typical mistake many new (and not so new) leaders make is to focus on the negative, to catch people doing something wrong, and then correcting them.  In this post, we’ll take a look at the power of giving frequent, positive feedback and […]

Taking Charge 4: Set the Vision

This video is part four in the five part series that details five simple steps a new leader can take to assert himself, earn the trust of his teammates, and begin to lead effectively. Here we discuss the importance setting a clear vision and focusing on a few specific goals as a way of asserting […]

3 Ways to Make Your Goal a Reality

smart goal

Now that you have your SMART goal figured out, what do you do? This video lays out three things that you can do immediately to start moving towards your goal. Goals without action are just dreams, so this video breaks down the steps you can take to convert your dream into reality.

How to set SMART Goals

smart goals

This video introduces the acronym SMART as a tool to help you take your vision or idea and turn it into a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Taking the time to establish clear goals is the critical first step in making them become real. By using SMART Goals you can be […]