Bridging the Gap to Your Goals: Building a Span That Lasts

Bridging the Gap to Your Goals: Building a Span That Lasts

If there is a gap between where we are and where we want to go, often the way across is to construct a bridge.  But if you ignore the environment the bridge is built in, you risk spectacular collapse, as the engineers of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge learned in 1940.  Whether you are building a […]

Goal Failure: Mission (Almost) Accomplished

Goal Failure

What happens when you set a goal and fail to achieve it? In January of this year I set a personal goal.  Made it public on this web site.  Tweeted about it almost daily.  Posted weekly updates on Facebook.  I worked at it just about every day – hours of exertion, sweat, even a little […]

5 Simple Steps to Lead Successfully

5 Simple Steps to Lead Successfully

On a chilly Sunday evening recently I watched a young man take his first successful steps as a leader.  It reminded me that leadership doesn’t need to be complicated or hard.  And if you follow the same five simple steps to lead that he did, your chances of success are pretty good, too. Here’s what […]

How You Can Use Accountability to Achieve Your Goals


If you have big ideas, great.  If you have turned them into goals, super.  But if you want to make them become real, the question is:  What’s your accountability plan?  Today we’ll talk about accountability and how you can turn it into a powerful tool to help make that goal a reality.

What Hiking 2,189 Miles Taught Me About Leadership

Appalachian Trail Leadership

What can you learn about leadership from hiking for six months straight, covering thousands of miles, and carrying everything you own stuffed into a bag on your back? Plenty, it turns out. Recently I asked successful long-distance backpacker Greg Ward if he would be willing to share some of his Appalachian Trail leadership lessons with us.  His […]

Reaching Your Goals: Thoughts From 14,000 Feet

Reaching Your Goals

Leading yourself is part of being able to lead others.  When you show you are capable of reaching your goals, you demonstrate the potential to help others do the same. In this short video we look at the similarities between mountain climbing and reaching your goals, and motivate you with a few simple steps you […]

Influencing the Decision: How to Transition from Doer to Decider

Influencing the decision

There are the people who have to do what they are told, and then there are the people who get to decide what people do. Doers and deciders.  Which would you like to be? Even if by position you are supposed to be a doer, there’s a way that you can take on more and […]

How Not to Quit: 8 Tips to Help You Persevere and Succeed at Anything

How Not to Quit

Any goal worth taking on is going to require effort, and somewhere along the way you are guaranteed to find your path getting hard.  When the going gets tough, you might ask yourself, “How do I keep from quitting?” Yesterday I had the privilege of spending the morning walking with someone who had hiked over […]

When the Plan Fails: 5 Things to Do When it All Falls Through

When the Plan Fails

There’s the plan, and then there’s what actually happens.  Sometimes one resembles the other, but many times not.  What do you do when you find an enormous gap between the two and everything seems to be falling apart? Today we’ll look at a high-risk plan that failed badly,  see what the people involved did about it, […]

Reaching Your Goals: 10 Ways to Help You Climb to the Top

Reaching Your Goals

Sometimes after the excitement of a new beginning, things happen that make reaching your goals seem harder than we imagined.  On a recent trip to Acadia National Park in Maine with my family, we were reminded of what that experience can be like, and what it takes to keep going.  With that in mind, here […]

How to use the EDGE Technique to Lead Your Team

EDGE Technique

Did you know that organizations have a life cycle?  In this video, we’ll talk about what the stages of that life cycle are, and how you can adjust your leadership approach to successfully lead your team in every stage.

Be a Finisher, Not Just a Starter


Why is it not enough to be a self-starter? Getting started on something is great.  There are lots of great inspirational quotes you can read about starting: