Space to Think: 8 Ways to Find Quiet in a Noisy World

Space to Think - 8 Ways to Find Quiet in a Noisy World

 How do you find the space to think in a noisy world? We are bombarded all day long by messages telling us what to do, and what to think.  Someone else is always trying to put their thoughts into our heads. Whether it’s friends, family, media, or the boss, all of them want our eyes, […]

How to be Successful: The 9,051-Step Plan

The 9,051 Step Plan for Success

Can you imagine climbing a staircase that is one mile high? Seems like a lot, right?  It would be the same as climbing the Empire State Building more than four times, the Washington Monument nine times, or Niagara Falls 31 times. But an amazing feat like climbing a mile-high staircase may not be as challenging […]

Commitment: Turning Promise into Reality

Commitment - Turning Promise into Reality

Where does commitment come from, and how can I get some? Beginnings are fun – there is excitement, optimism, the promise of something new.  Successful endings are great, too, as you watch your idea bear fruit. The tough part comes in the middle.  It’s the part that involves effort, and sacrifice.  Today I’ll share some […]

How to Plan the Annual Plan: Six Steps for Success

How to Plan the Annual Plan: 6 Steps for Success

How do you get 30 very different people to agree on something?  How do you engage all those minds to come up with an annual plan?  It doesn’t need to be as challenging as interpreting the Mayan calendar. Every year our Scout troop meets in August with one objective:  come up with a plan for next […]