Demotivation: 7 Ways You Might Be Killing Your Team’s Spirit

Demotivation - 7 Ways You Might Be Killing Your Team's Spirit

Could your efforts to lead actually lead to demotivation? A team’s spirit means everything when it comes to productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.  But sometimes, despite our best intentions, the way we lead can become a source of demotivation. Here are seven things you might be doing that deplete your team’s morale, and what you can […]

Leading Volunteers: How to Keep Them Coming Back

Leading Volunteers - How to Keep Them Coming Back

How do you lead people who aren’t on your payroll? Since moving to Minnesota, I’ve wanted to get engaged locally as a volunteer.  Last month I signed up to help at a local agency, and it was a great experience. The way they worked with the volunteers made it fun, productive and has had me […]

Spotlight the Support

Spotlight the Support

My daughter is a big fan of Lin Manuel Miranda, the creator of Hamilton.  She was home on spring break recently, so we took her to see an earlier production of his:  In the Heights. Our seats were good, the actors were talented, the lyrics were clever, and at the end the crowd gave the […]

How to Communicate the Vision: Striking the Right Chord

Communicate the Vision

A while ago we talked about the importance of seeking to understand our leadership environment before we start trying to lead.  If we were taking good notes and paying attention, we should have a pretty good idea of the direction we want to take the team.  Now the question becomes, how do we get them […]

Grandma’s Law: How to Put the Power of Incentive to Work for You

Grandma's Law

There’s a simple law you can apply to your goal setting that will definitely help improve the amount of things you’re able to get done.  It’s called Grandma’s Law.  Today we’ll talk about how you can put Grandma’s Law to work for you and your team.

Book Notes: Drive – The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Drive - Daniel Pink

Give people more money and they will perform better right? Actually, no. Daniel Pink’s book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, throws cold water in the face of standard management thinking. In fact, he lists seven reasons why the reward/punishment model is a bad idea if you are trying to motivate your teammates. In this post […]