Leadership Acoustics – 3 Ways to Send a Message That Gets Heard

Leadership Acoustics - 3 Ways to Send a Message that gets Heard

“What do we have to do to make sure our message gets through?” When it comes to leadership acoustics, there are three key things to be aware of if we want others to hear what we are trying to say.  Last week I visited the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheater near Denver, Colorado – it’s the […]

Comfortably Uncomfortable: 7 Ways Seeking Discomfort Makes You Better

Comfortably Uncomfortable: 7 Ways Seeking Discomfort Makes You Better

“How can seeking discomfort be a good thing for leaders?” Hey, I’m here at a local park in Minnesota, getting ready to do my weekly tempo run.  Believe it or not, I think that there is a very close parallel between learning to run fast and becoming a better leader, and it has to do […]

Why You Might be Turning Your Wolves into Sheep

Are You Turning Your Wolves into Sheep

Are you teaching your people to be sheep or wolves? Many of us are spending too much time corralling our co-workers instead of pointing them in the direction we want them to go.  Today we’ll take a lesson from nature about positive reinforcement, and give you three tips to help get your pack moving in […]

Grandma’s Law: How to Put the Power of Incentive to Work for You

Grandma's Law

There’s a simple law you can apply to your goal setting that will definitely help improve the amount of things you’re able to get done.  It’s called Grandma’s Law.  Today we’ll talk about how you can put Grandma’s Law to work for you and your team.

Pose Power: How to Lead Better in Only Two Minutes

power poses

Can the way you stand or sit make you a better leader?  Short answer: Yes, I believe it can.  There are two main ways that this happens, and we’ll be talking about how you can put them both to work to enhance your ability to lead.

Reaching Your Goals: Thoughts From 14,000 Feet

Reaching Your Goals

Leading yourself is part of being able to lead others.  When you show you are capable of reaching your goals, you demonstrate the potential to help others do the same. In this short video we look at the similarities between mountain climbing and reaching your goals, and motivate you with a few simple steps you […]

How to use the EDGE Technique to Lead Your Team

EDGE Technique

Did you know that organizations have a life cycle?  In this video, we’ll talk about what the stages of that life cycle are, and how you can adjust your leadership approach to successfully lead your team in every stage.

Managing the Boss: How to Deliver Bad News

Managing the Boss

No one likes to deliver bad news to the boss.  But how you present a problem to them will have a lot to do with how they react to it.  It’s more than just “managing the boss” – it’s seeing things from their perspective. Here is a way you can break the news, help to […]

Joining the Team: What the New Guy Won’t Tell You

joining the team

We’ve all been there, but it’s funny how quickly we can forget the “New Guy” experience.  Yet how you bring a new person onto the team will have a lot to do with how long they stay, and how productive they’ll be.  Here are four things that the new guy won’t tell you, and what […]

How an Orange Soda Changed my World View

act of kindness

You never know how your actions will affect someone.  Here’s something that happened to me over 33 years ago that I still remember.  A simple act of kindness from a stranger changed my view of the world.