Lines for Leaders - Rocket Surgeon

He struggled to lead his team to land a rover on Mars; here’s what this ‘rocket surgeon’ learned about getting his people to work together.

Lines for Leaders - Texas Track Coach

In this “Lines for Leaders,” John Wooden cites a Texas track coach who gave unusually succinct advice to his runners; we can learn a lot from his approach.

Thank You for Your Service - One Veterans Perspective

I’m always grateful to hear the words, “Thank you for your service” but they also leave me a little uncomfortable, here’s why they might be misdirected.

Lines for Leaders - Corporate Treadmill

A quote from Alexander den Heijer helps us go from managing people plodding slowly on the corporate treadmill, to making them feel like running.

Lines For Leaders - Boris Yeltsin's Throne

Boris Yeltsin presided over the dissolution of the Soviet Union; here’s what he said about the dangers of fighting to gain power, and the difficulty of keeping it.

Boosting Team Performance - 3 Ways to Make Your Teams Enginge More Powerful

Want to boost team performance? Here are three things leaders can learn from engineers who have figured out how to make jet engines go faster.

Delegate Better - 3 Ways to Get the Results You Want

To delegate better, it helps to put more energy into the start of the process. With the help of a story about a naturalist stranded on a frozen lake in the Canadian sub-arctic, here are three ways to begin so that we get what we need at the end.

Big Hammer or LIttle Blade - What it takes to Really Achieve Your Goals

If you want to achieve your goals, take a lesson from this craftsman, who turns chunks of gnarly wood into things of beauty.

Hyperbolic Discounting and 7 Ways to Prevent Self-Sabotage

Hyperbolic discounting isn’t some crazy sales technique, but it CAN keep us from achieving our goals; here’s how to recognize when it’s happening, and seven ways to prevent our tendency to self-sabotage.

In Praise of Praise 5 Ways to Enhance the Power of Your Appreciation

Praise is one of the most powerful tools available to a leader; here are 5 ways you can use it to inspire, motivate, and even change lives.

Lost in the Jungle - 5 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Team

Before launching our teams on any new project, there are five questions we should have answers to so they don’t get lost in the jungle.

Smiling at the Finish Line - 7 Ways to Avoid Disaster on Your Big Day

Whatever race we are running, if we want to be smiling at the finish line, these seven things can help us get there.

Courage to Lead - Relooking the Role of Courage in Leadership

Having the courage to lead is more than just stepping forward, there is something else we have to do with that courage if we really want to lead well.

Bosses and Burnout

Burnout on the job is costing us more than we think; here are three things we need to know to protect our teammates and minimize the damage.

Rocks in a Jar - 11 Things they Didn't Tell You

The “rocks in a jar” approach to time management is a good one, but they left a lot of things out that would help us be even more effective at managing our time; here are 11 of them.

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