The Leadership Test - Will You Be Ready When the Challenge Comes?

Anytime we step into a position of authority, we can expect a leadership test; here’s what it might look like, and several ways to respond.

Leading Former Peers

Leading former peers is one of the most common and most difficult things we’ll face as leaders; here are 27 ways to make it a little easier.

Plans are Worthless - Why We Should Plan Anyway

Eisenhower told a roomfull of military planners that “plans are worthless.” Here’s what he meant and how understanding his intent can help us face the next emergency.

Nine Secrets for Leading Sheep - No Matter How Many Legs They Have

Leading sheep is not too far different from leading people, as this would-be shepherd learned the hard way; here are 9 secrets to doing it well.

Leadership Trust - The Secret to Achieving the Impossible

Achieving great things requires a leadership trust between leader and led; in one simple story, here’s what that means.

Leading Through Transition - Tips for Leaders in Times of Change

Leading through transition is hard, but here’s what we can learn from a flock of snow geese about how to lead effectively when everything is changing.

Stages of Self-Righteousness

Like the stages of grief, I think there are stages of self-righteousness, only they don’t end with hope; here’s what they are and what we can to do about them.

Leadership Tantrums

Leadership tantrums seem to be all too common, but throwing a fit just makes things worse. Here’s a short story and 15 quotes about anger to help you keep your cool.

Final Act of Leadership - Handing the Baton

Succession is the final act of leadership, but too many executives get this part wrong; here’s what to focus on to get it right.

The Best Revenge - What to Do When Someone Does Us Wrong

When someone does us wrong, what’s the best revenge? The answer might surprise you, but ultimately it’s the route the best leaders choose.

Herd Mentality

Native Americans exploited the herd mentality of the buffalo when hunting them; as social animals ourselves, what does that mean for us as leaders?

What's the Problem - Problem-solving Lessons Learned from Moneyball

“What’s the problem?” is the question we should ask before we start looking for solutions, as these clips from the movie ‘Moneyball’ illustrate beautifully.

No Finish Line

Being the first to the finish line does not always make us winners, and some of the most important races have no finish line at all; here’s what that means for leaders.

Restoring Faith in Humanity

The way things seem to be going we may be tempted to lose our faith in humanity. But a simple act by a stranger this weekend shows that perception is flawed, and offers clues as to how we can keep it that way.

The Power of Humility

The power of humility comes from the very fact that it lacks flash. As this short story shows, effective leaders recognize opportunities to act in humble moments so that they can lead best when it matters most.

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