Where Did Everybody Go? 23 Ways to Stick With Your Goals

It’s happening already. If you go to a gym or fitness facility, you know this to be true:  there’s that sudden influx of new faces in the new year. With the turn of the calendar often comes a desire to turn over a new leaf, and fitness goals feature prominently. Some of the regulars at […]

Demotivation: 7 Ways You Might Be Killing Your Team’s Spirit

Demotivation - 7 Ways You Might Be Killing Your Team's Spirit

Could your efforts to lead actually lead to demotivation? A team’s spirit means everything when it comes to productivity, engagement, and satisfaction.  But sometimes, despite our best intentions, the way we lead can become a source of demotivation. Here are seven things you might be doing that deplete your team’s morale, and what you can […]

How to Be a Great Boss: 9 Ways to Get a 5-Star Rating From Your Team

How to be a Great Boss - 9 Ways to Get a 5-Star Rating From Your Team

What does it take to be a great boss? Some bosses are more memorable than others, and some perhaps you’d like to forget.  But what does it take to be a great boss?  What distinguishes the one that people remember years later as the leader who made a difference? I was fortunate to work for […]

Everyday Winners – How to Build Mental Toughness One Day at a Time

Building Mental Toughness - Everyday Winners

How do you win the daily struggle to get out the door? Temperatures have been dropping lately.  Now it takes more effort to get out the door for my morning run. Yesterday I  had to analyze the weather.  Contend with warm clothing decisions.  Wrestle them all on.  Shiver through the first mile until the blood […]

Master the Habit Cycle and Achieve Your Goals

Master the Habit Cycle and Achieve Your Goals

What if you could turn making good choices into a habit? It’s easy to set a goal.  It’s much harder to actually achieve it.  Part of the problem is that to make progress, every day you have to choose to put in the effort.  If you don’t make that choice, failure is just around the […]

Bridging the Gap to Your Goals: Building a Span That Lasts

Bridging the Gap to Your Goals: Building a Span That Lasts

If there is a gap between where we are and where we want to go, often the way across is to construct a bridge.  But if you ignore the environment the bridge is built in, you risk spectacular collapse, as the engineers of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge learned in 1940.  Whether you are building a […]

Leading Spaghetti – How to Use Your Noodle to Lead Your Team

Leading Spaghetti

“If you’re a leader, you don’t push wet spaghetti, you pull it.” – Bill Mauldin Bill Mauldin was a famous cartoonist for Stars and Stripes, the newspaper widely read by American GIs during World War II. It’s easy to get his metaphor about leading spaghetti, and it makes sense, sort of.  But since Bill was […]

Finish What You Start – It Will Set You Apart

Finish What You Start

Starting something is fun.  It’s exciting.  Everything is new, the possibilities seem limitless.  Potential is everywhere. It takes only a moment to make a promise or set a goal. Delivering is harder.  It takes effort.  The excitement fades.  Everything seems to take longer than it should.  Distractions arise.  Frustration sets in.  The shine comes off […]

Goal Setting: Crash Test Dummy Edition

Goal Setting Crash Test

With the turn of the New Year come new resolutions.  But too often these goals fall by the wayside before the snow has had a chance to melt.  With all the writing I’ve been doing recently on goals, I thought it might be fun to put my money where my mouth is, set a New […]

Grandma’s Law: How to Put the Power of Incentive to Work for You

Grandma's Law

There’s a simple law you can apply to your goal setting that will definitely help improve the amount of things you’re able to get done.  It’s called Grandma’s Law.  Today we’ll talk about how you can put Grandma’s Law to work for you and your team.

How You Can Use Accountability to Achieve Your Goals


If you have big ideas, great.  If you have turned them into goals, super.  But if you want to make them become real, the question is:  What’s your accountability plan?  Today we’ll talk about accountability and how you can turn it into a powerful tool to help make that goal a reality.